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Matching Social Network Icons

We can add the basic standard social network icons provided by the social network you would like to link to for $15.  If you would like to have icons custom designed to match your template graphics then we can do that too.  You will need to provide us with the link to your various social network sites. 

Standard Icons-Please Choose:Up to 3 Standard Icons $15.00
3-7 Standard Icons $25.00
Custom Matching Icons-Please Choose:1 Custom Icon
2 Custom Icons add $5.00
3 Custom Icons add $10.00
4 Custom Icons add $15.00
5 Custom Icons add $20.00
6 Custom Icons add $25.00
7 Custom Icons add $30.00
8 Custom Icons add $35.00
9 Custom Icons add $40.00
10 Custom Icons add $45.00

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