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Notepads are a fabulous marketing and advertising tool to send to customers as a "thank you for your business" gift.  Include them customer orders or send out during the holidays.  These notepads can be a new custom design or designed to match your web site template and will keep your business name right in front of the client all the time to use  for shopping lists and notes.  Designed, professionally printed and delivered right to your door.  It's a tax write off too!

Price is for 120 Notepads measuring 3.5x8.5 - 25 Pages Per Pad
Already Have A Web Design By Us?:Yes-Use Matching Graphics-Design+120 Notepads $435.00
No-Need New Custom Design-Design+120 Notepads $485.00
REORDER ONLY-NO DESIGN-120 Notepads $385.00

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